25,000 Pesos Budget PC Build

This might be one of the vlogs… Are we really gamers or vloggers? We can do both! Come on now!

Back to our blog. Would you look at that. We are bloggers too? 😛 We will share to you guys our first ever editing and gaming pc that we got for just 25,000 pesos ($492). It served us good. Let me tell you that. We were able to do streaming for quite sometime and almost all the videos in our YouTube Channel was edited from this computer.

We were going to sell it at a very, very cheap price, but, COVID-19 happened.

Watch this video now!

25,000 Pesos Budget Editing and Gaming PC

Thanks for watching the video, guys. We know, it has no subtitles again but I hope some budget gamers from the Philippines will be able to watch this.

For the budget gamers out there, you’re going to ask us, can we still do streaming with a PC like this? It’s 2020! We can say, yes. We have another (used) PC that we also got for the same price and we are still using it to edit our recent videos and do streaming sometimes.

AND before we end this awesome reading, we are not the best ones to ask about these PC builds. HAHA! We save our budget for the year, consult some of friends who are really good about PC builds, and from there, we buy it! We got a friend who already got a thousand views on his channel. He is doing this review thing seriously and yes, there are some PC build reviews/vlogs. He’s just a natural in front of the camera.

He’s a nice guy. You can send a question to him on his facebook page as well.

YouTube Channel: Junkyard Summit
Facebook Page: Junkyard Summit

Peace out!
One love!
And we’ll see you guys to our next blog!

Can you suggest how can we end our blogs next time. This ain’t YouTube, baby! 😀

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