Virtual Basketball In The Philippines NBA2K20

Fun fact about the Philippines: We have a lot, and we mean, a lot of basketball courts here.

Then, COVID-19 happened. We miss playing basketball with our friends. Good thing we have NBA2K20. Did we say we have an NBA2K20 playlist on our YouTube channel? Of course, of courseee!

The game is great. It has some glitches… A LOT! Kidding, Ronnie! But, yes, FIX IT! But maybe, if someone from 2K ever visit this blog site, may we request for a Southeast Asia Server? We got good players here too. If not good, maybe some of the best players on NBA2K. We are not saying that we do not enjoy the My Career game mode, but, we can not enjoy other game modes that requires internet. We got issues with the delays and the lags. How in the world can we GREEN on park?!

We love NBA2K, we do. It’s just that, we do not have a solid community, yet, here in the Philippines (or maybe we just don’t know — well, yeah, there are some online crews! SHOUT OUT to everyone!) because of this server issues. It’s just us. HAHA! Not unlike other countries that can enjoy other game modes, they get what they paid for playing the game and we can say that it’s a healthy NBA2K community that they have. Look at all those NBA2K YouTube Star. Danggg, we want to be like them.

So what? Well, you are going to watch a video again.

We present to you, one of our NBA2K20 videos: How Filipinos Play Basketball.

How Filipinos Play Basketball


We know that you need subtitles. But, hey, if you enjoy the video. Made you smile, laugh, or whatsoever, can you give us a comment, or hit the like button. Okay, even the dislike button. IF AND ONLY IF, you did not like the video. Like, really, really, did not like the video. HAHA!

Thanks again for reading our blog, guys!

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See you on our next blog, gamers!

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