Gaming Chair Below 10,000 Pesos

We will take a guess on why you are here reading this blog post.

1.) Are you a gamer? Sort of? LOL! Still a gamer!
2.) Are you finding a gaming chair that is available in the Philippines because you are sick and tired of those monoblock chairs.
3.) To state the obvious, a gaming chair that is below 10,000 pesos. DING! DING! DING! We got a winner!
4.) Budget Gaming Chair that is available in the Philippines 2020? HAHA!
5.) You are looking for a gift for your soon-to-be-gamer-husband but you still want to be on a budget.
6.) You, yourself, is the gamer, looking for a new gaming chair that does not cut away your budget for a new graphics card.
7.) You are just intrigued, who are these Homeboyz Gaming PH are.

Let’s end at number 7. It is one of our lucky numbers.

We saw this model for like a year now and we loved the design. Colors are simple. It is not synthetic leather. Because, it is hot here in the Philippines and you do not want all that sweat on your chair that causes the leather to crack.

It is the SHARKOON SKILLER SGS2 GAMING SEAT. Details are there so you might want to check it now.

We haven’t got the chance yet to review it. AHH YEAH! From gaming to reviewing products. Who knows! We will keep on doing everything in our power to entertain players, and sooner or later, we might be giving away these products. SOON ENOUGH!

For now, go watch this video.

Surprise Wedding Gift – The Sharkoon Skiller SGS2 Gaming Seat

Our editing PC is currently resting right now. It needs some upgrades so our video on how to build it and how does it look and all that stuff is on a delay. We will surely upload it soon on our YouTube channel so we hope you are already a subscriber.

Thanks for reading another blog and watching another video.

Peace out!
One love!
And we will see you again on our next blog!

Published by Homeboyz Gaming PH

Brothers just having fun while at home playing our favorite video games!

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